9,450 ft / 2,880 m


289 ft / 88 m


40 summits

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September  31%

August   21%

July   17%

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Lembert Dome trail

"Ok, honest confession of ignorance : I had no problem getting to the top but on the way down I got a clear view of the parking lot and decided to switchback my own route down. Ended up coming face to face with a cliff like an idiot, had to backtrack pretty much to the summit and then take the appropriate route down. I made an uncomplicated route complicated by trying my own route. Don't do that :) Amazing views, great day overall. " - puddlepirate, Sep 20, 2018
"Started by climbing up Northwest Books then heading over to the dome. A bit chilly in the shade with some breeze, but once in the sun, it warmed up. As with anything in Tuolumne/Yosemite, gorgeous views!" - colleenmarie512, Sep 16, 2018
"Super fun easy little climb. Took only a few hours to do. It was a very clear and cool day with a fairly strong wind when we got to the top of the dome. We just stayed long enough to sanp a few pictures and headed back down. Looking forward to doing this one again someday! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this was all done with a broken 4th metatarsal in my left foot that had happened 2 days befor on a hike to Vernal Falls in the valley!" - DoyleWalton, Oct 21, 2015
"On the 3rd day of our week long trip in Yosemite we got some much needed sleeping in and then hit Teneya Lake for some swimming. After that we wanted to climb something so Lembert Dome it was. A great little hike and a fun climb up the dome it self. We picked the perfect time of day and a great day to go up there and drink some beers in the perfect weather. this was my 1st time up here and its incredible. Its also peak #84 in my peak bag and #49 of my 100 in 2014 goal." - 1-with-Nature, Jul 13, 2014
"They say it's one of the best places to watch the sunset in the park. Hard to argue, especially considering what a short trail it is. We were going to cook dinner at the summit during sunset, but I forgot the utensils so we had to cook dinner later." - Christopher, Jun 16, 2012



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