6,012 ft / 1,832 m


332 ft / 101 m


4 summits

Top climbing months

September  50%

February   33%

April   16%

Most climbed route

Northeast Gully

"Went out to scramble Denman Peak, Lane Peak and Wapaneyo, but had to turn around because of the weather worsening before reaching Wapaneyo. Car-to-car 7 hours. Denman Peak was easy, although I made it harder than I had to. Coming from the Plumber side, I started scrambling up on the east side of the ridge, but on the way down I discovered that the west side had an easy walk-up trail. After Denman, I continued to Lane Peak. The trail was still good and easy to find, albeit quite slippery with mud (there were a few muddy, slippery places before Denman already). I made my way to the plateau imm" - mathiasricken, Sep 16, 2018



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