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From Canebrake Road

"Thwarted by the easiest peak on the SPS list. Tried to climb it from the PCT while on a backpacking trip, but had trouble finding the register. I scrambled up a number of rocky outcroppings looking for the named summit, but it seems like I was on the wrong bump. I'll have to re-visit this peak from Canabrake Rd next time." - klotito, May 28, 2017
"SPS list finish. Thanks to the SoCal and NorCal friends who made it special! Pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/becht/albums/72157673555060350 Trip Report: http://www.snwburd.com/bob/trip_reports/lamont_west_1.html" - tombecht, Oct 1, 2016
"Beautiful but a bit warm day at Lamont Peak. I imagine the season to climb the lower Sierra is coming to an end. Hopefully I'll bag Sawtooth tomorrow bringing my time in the lower Sierra to a close until it gets cool again. Have to admit it was a bit harder than I expected. The first leg of the hike up is rather steep and it doesn't relent. I had no problem finding my way to the summit or back down because I read trip reports from others telling how they found themselves astray. Recommend reading other trip reports if you plan going out here." - Irrationalist, Apr 26, 2013
"After seeing the North Ridge of Spanish Needle was buried in snow, decided to tack this on after Sawtooth. Even though it has the reputation of being the easiest SPS (only 4 miles rt), it was still pretty steep. The summit was actually the high point of a series of fins and spires that reminded me of the high Sierra. The summit log goes back to 1955!" - Christopher, Jan 19, 2013



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