2,824 ft / 861 m


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Lazio, Italy


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"Climbed this the second time from Monte della Bufala as part of a longer walk. Was curious about route to Mt. d Bufala from here, guidebooks might lead you to think it was easy to find. Ended up doing the whole IV route, but having gone both ways, recommend climbing La Trinita' first, then the ridge (especially as the former is more shaded). Suggest sighting Mt. d B from trees then finding track in that direction from stonewall with small odd metal structure that you see before you get to the church on the main path. " - vygodski, Aug 20, 2017
"Described as a 'tourist route', what should have been an easy climb was made difficult by no signposting to speak of. The correct path is a simple route up to a large but deserted church on the top if, that is, you find it to begin with. From southside of Bassiano, after crossing small stream, of the three options take the counter-intuitive right hand path which goes alongside the stream for a few meters. Otherwise, spend time traipsing along small overgrown animal tracks in thick undergrowth getting nowhere in particular." - vygodski, Aug 13, 2017


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