14,361 ft / 4,377 m


1,836 ft / 560 m


70 summits

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August   32%

July   25%

September  16%

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Northwest Ridge (Standard)


  • La Plata Peak is a Colorado 14er in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness.
  • The peak's name means 'silver' in Spanish. This comes from the many silver deposits in the area. The nearby ghost towns of Winfield and Hamilton were prominent silver mining towns in the early part of the 20th Century.
  • A distinguishing feature of La Plata Peak is a 2 mile long northeast ridge called the Ellingwood Ridge. The Ellingwood Ridge is a technical (Class 3) jagged series of rock pinnacles and towers guaranteed to exhaust you.
"Another perfect day in the Rockies! The wildflowers are starting to bloom and the marmots and pikas were chirping. The trail was snow-free until about 12,500', then patchy to the summit. The snow was mostly firm, but I did posthole in spots. This was my final 14er in the Sawatch Range. Next up....?" - WaxDr, Jun 11, 2016
"We arrived at the trail head parking lot just before 6 in the morning. It was still dark enough that we walked right past the place where the trail splits off from the dirt road. I would also like to add that the beginning of the trail needs a sign that is more clearly posted. It starts right near a wooden fence with multiple no trespassing, private property, and no parking signs; yet nothing that labels the spot as the trail. As a result of this mistake we ended walking a mile and a half further down the road before we found a sign that helped me determine that we had passed it a long time a" - IanWright, Aug 18, 2015
"The trailhead isn't very clearly marked from the road you start on, but overall a beautiful hike. The big square rock after the switch backs out of the treeline is about half way up we found." - DaniB, Aug 18, 2015
"Began hike from campsite near Winfield ghost town at 6:30am, peaked at 11am, began descent at 11:30, arrived back at camp at 2:45pm. Heard thunder, but storm went around us. We hiked La Plata's southwest ridge trail (via the West Winfield TH) because the Lake Creek TH (northwest ridge) was temporarily closed. 11.4 miles RT, 4096' elevation gain. Colorado 14er #33." - Globetrotter87, Jul 8, 2014
"Four of us camped at the trailhead and left at 4:40 the next morning. We summited at 9am, took some awesome photos at the top, and headed down. On our way from the road to the parking lot, we saw three ambulances and tons of rescue workers. Apparently, a person had taken a tumble and broke many ribs and other bones. We were fortunate enough to make it out ok though. Total time took 9 hours, due to some knee problems towards the end. Amazingly beautiful climb!! Climbed for Project54.org, one of the best fundraisers I know of." - gub40897, Aug 27, 2011



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