10,968 ft / 3,343 m


6,991 ft / 2,131 m


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July   53%

August   23%

June   7%

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"Cairngorm Club meet based at Corvara. With Michelle Ward, Adrian Scott and guide Andrea. We took the first lifts on the Marmolada Seggiovia lift. We were to climb via ferrata Marmolada West Ridge to Punta Penia summit. We left the top station at 09:00 and “followed” path 606 to Forcella Marmolada. However, the ground was entirely snow covered. The route descends somewhat to start with. Eventually a small glacier is reached although it was not possible to tell when the glacier started. The route goes up the middle of the glacier and then goes on the right where the via ferrata starts a little " - peter43, Jul 15, 2014



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