12,041 ft / 3,670 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

August   66%

July   33%

Most climbed route

East Ridge

"Involves a long hike to Hell Hole Lake from the main road, as the actual trailhead is inaccessible by vehicle. Past the lake involves a lot of bush wacking and route finding, as no official trail exists. First climbed on the morain, which is visible from the lake, then scrambled up a gully next to the summit, starts off shallow, then steepens to near 45 degrees. Best to stay to the right, following the larger, stable rocks up the side of the mountain. Once on top of the ridge, turned right, scrambled up a ten foot cliff, then ascended through a small boulder field to the summit. Beautiful view" - Ecaello, Aug 12, 2016


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