13,534 ft / 4,125 m


6,348 ft / 1,934 m


72 summits

Top climbing months

August   39%

July   35%

September  9%

Most climbed route

Henry's Fork Trail


  • Kings Peak is the highest peak in Utah.
  • Lies just south of the spine of the central Uinta Mountains and is located in the High Uintas Wilderness.
  • There are 3 popular routes to the summit: a scramble up the east slope, a hike up the northern ridge, and a long but relatively easy hike up the southern slope.
  • The peak is belongs to the Lower US Ultra 57, with 6,348 feet of prominence.
"A long hike from/to our camp at Elkhorn Crossing out of Henry's Fork TH. We went up Gunsight, descended into Painter Basin, reclimbed up to Anderson Pass, then finally ascended the north ridge which was full of loose talus. Took the shortcut between Anderson Pass and Gunsight Pass on the way back which is a much better option than dropping all the way into the basin. Saw some mountain goats just below Gunsight Pass. This is one of my favorite hikes to date. " - edg, Jul 1, 2018
"We left Las Vegas on Friday night & headed to southern Wyoming. We checked out Fossil Butte National Monument Saturday morning, then drove to the Henrys Fork Trailhead, arriving around noon. We set up the tent near the trailhead and tried to sleep throughout the day. It was hot, so that wasn't too easy. After finally getting into a good sleep, our 9pm wakeup time had arrived. Ugghhhh. We had decided to do this as a long dayhike and there were thunderstorms in the forecast for the afternoon, so we wanted to get an early start. We were on the trail by 1015pm and saw a porcupine soon after" - Kevin, Jul 2, 2017
"Took the dollar lake route from Henry's Fork trailhead. Hiked to Dollar lake the first day and summited Gilbert Peak, the second day went to King's peak with 4 other people. Feet were sore (I wear the minimalist shoes with very thin soles) after the second day. Third day packed out from Dollar lake. Group ranged in ages from 14-45 and we were all able to do it...some easier than others. " - boonebolinder, Aug 12, 2016
"A death march after the previous week. 34+ miles. Summit in 6 hrs from car park with hail 5 minutes after leaving. 7.5 hrs down due to different descent and painful feet near the end. Never pulled out head lamp though." - alexjoseph, Jul 31, 2014
"Tough 3-Day Hike with lots of Snow, High Wind and altitude, not the easiest condition to set out for a very remote area. Must say it takes strong will determination, and toughness to go thru with your plans. Snowshoes, Crampons, Ice Axe, shorts and shirts we had to use every bit along the way even though we have the end of May, temperatures are still below freezing in Base Camp at 11.500 feet. Snow and weather Condition change on an hourly basis and so you need to flexible and adjust to the condition constantly. All in all we managed to conquer Kings Peak, and West Gunsight Peak (Dome Peak) bo" - Nuernberger, May 23, 2013



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