4,235 ft / 1,290 m


3,314 ft / 1,010 m


118 summits

Top climbing months

July   20%

June   15%

September  15%

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Bucklin Trail

"2nd trip up Killington, this time with my wife Deb. I have gone up all 5 4000footers but Deb only did 2 so we are trying to catch her up! Absolutely awesome day, cool and sunny, a little breezy on the summit but the views were great. One of my favorite Vermont hikes!" - hbotc, Sep 10, 2017
"Solo. Coming off of day shift I have Friday, Saturday& Sunday off. The weather looked bad. But it looked great for Thursday! So I told my boss I was taking off. Playing hooky to go hiking! The weather was beautiful as promised, bright blue skies and in the 70's. I'm not sure why people love summer hiking so much or won't hike in other seasons, as soon as I got out of my car I was inside of a swarm of mosquitoes and black flies and immediately started spraying myself down to protect against being bitten. This trail is well-loved. There were 3 nice sturdy bridges over water crossings, a " - kellieirene, Jun 15, 2017
"Forecast for sunshine but found a lot of clouds and cold wind, especially on top of summit. Still views from all over the top of Killington are fantastic. Much less windy on south side of summit. Bagged Pico on the way up." - Alohabuffy, Sep 24, 2016
"Due to my wife Deb away for job training, I had to do this one solo and probably the next two in Vermont as well as I get the 5 Vermont 4000 footers done. Gorgeous day, mild temps. sunny and breezy, met people on the way up and down, had alot of fun and great views the hole way. The trail was easy, then moderate and finally the last 2 10ths steep. Next is Mount Ellen and Abraham, will do Camels Hump with Deb!" - hbotc, Sep 17, 2016
"NoBo AT Thru Hike 2016. Met Tom, Footlong, and Tumbleweed at the summit and hung out in the Peak Lodge for a little bit before heading down to US4 and going to DudeFest at the Inn at the Long Trail. " - Kim-Stilson, Aug 15, 2016



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