11,433 ft / 3,485 m


5 summits

Top climbing months

August   60%

July   20%

September  20%

Most climbed route

Deer Cove Creek

"Long, hot morning up the Deer Creek trail with overnight packs led us to Frypan Meadow at 7800'. We dropped the camping gear for the next segment up to the summit. The storms caught us at about 10000' and we had to wait out a few passing showers and a brief hail storm. After a break in the clouds, we hustled up the remaining 1000' feet to the pass and a quick half mile cross country, summiting at the quite late hour of 6pm. The view from the top was awesome, with a rainbow in front of Goat Mountain and great views north to Mt. Goddard and the Palisades. To the south and east, over the re" - edg, Sep 20, 2014



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