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"I climbed a winter route to the summit of Kendall Peak, basically a mile NNE on Commonwealth Creek snowshoe trail, and then straight east and up, with some switching back and forth. There is no trace of the Pacific Crest Trail itself, even at lower elevations. Where I went up, the slope varied from 20-30 degrees to 45+ degrees, then moderate and then very steep again. This landed me at 5000 ft on a moderately sloped open area at the base of the 800 ft final summit rock. It was reasonably easy to manage with the deep, soft snow. In the morning I was plunging in a foot or two to gain suppor" - markgarrett, Mar 30, 2016
"Awesome way to spend Thanksgiving! Beautiful weather up at the Snoqualmie Pass area and very few people. Took the old Cascade Trail up to Commonwealth Basin - pretty easy to follow, but note that after you cross Commonwealth Creak over the big log, you need to stay to the right...following the path going left well take you to the south side of the Basin and to a trail that heads up to Guye Peak. Stay to the right and you will eventually get to the trail split that will take you back up to the Pacific Crest Trail. Conditions as of this posting are good - we had spikes and crampons but did not u" - BryHong8, Nov 26, 2015
"Had little to no info about the peak but in the area for the summer, and this one looked the simplest to summit on my topo maps. Didn't know there was a side trail off the PCT up to the summit, so I climbed the ridge instead. Got a little precarious in places, but kinda made it all the better. Beautiful day, with Rainier out of the clouds in all of its giganticness to the south. Maybe I'll get Red Mtn next." - Mark, Jul 18, 2012
"Joel and I headed up the Commonwealth Basin trail to the PCT juction, then made it to Kendall Peak in just under an hour and a half. The scramble from the trail to the peak is solid, but very steep. Much quicker on the way up than down. The skies were beautiful, yet rather hazy in the distance. Only the top 4000 feet or so of Rainier was visible." - Jeb, Sep 9, 2011
"Headed up to Kendall and bagged the summit before heading back down the PCT and then up the Commonwealth Trail to Red Pass to bag Red Mountain. It was a hot sunny day making it feel that much more rewarding to be signing my name in the summit register." - Al-Rashid, Sep 9, 2011



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