13,338 ft / 4,065 m

#494 in Colorado

#679 in United States


318 ft / 97 m

#1,486 in Colorado

#8,374 in United States


2 summits

#769 in Colorado

#7,831 in United States

Top climbing months

July   50%

September  50%

Most climbed route

Jeep Trail


  • Kendall Mountain towers over the town of Silverton, Colorado and is the scene for a leg-busting 13-mile up-and-down race, the annual Kendall Mountain Run.
  • Beginning in the town of Silverton at elevation 9,318 ft, the run climbs steeply up old jeep trails for most of the way and ends in a scree scramble to the 13,066 ft summit of Kendall Benchmark, a sub-peak of Kendall Mountain.