12,621 ft / 3,847 m


535 ft / 163 m


9 summits

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August   44%

September  44%

July   11%

Most climbed route

Mining trail on Southeast side

"Acclimatization hike the day before University Peak. I went up the old miner's trail, traversed the peak, then descended via Lilley Pass and the Golden Trout Lake Trail. The miner's trail starts at the end of a short dirt road that branches off the Onion Valley Road half a mile before the hiker parking lot. It's hard to follow for the first 1000 ft, but turns into a pretty good trail higher up. Also, a tip for the peakery community: just a 3 minute walk up the dirt road there is an absolutely perfect stealth camping spot. It's just 0.5 miles from Onion Valley but without the crowds and wit" - klotito, Aug 5, 2017
"Recovering from a cold, I expected this to be my warmup for University the next day. This ended up taking me a lot longer than expected and my only summit for the weekend. I saw Lilley Pass from the summit of Mount Gould a few months ago. It was just as loose and crappy as it looked." - edg, Sep 24, 2016
"An overcast but overwhelming nice day. Its important to take the mining trail on the map and not stay in the scree field. We were too far in the scree field and it made the hike up far more exhausting than it had to be. There are several false summits, the real one has both a register and a log sticking up." - Irrationalist, Aug 30, 2013



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