Some friends and I climbed this with a Rasta friend, Joe, as our guide. This was 2 days before we were evacuated from the island during the first volcanic activity in 1993. It was a moderate climb to a summit with a beautiful view of the north/northeast side of the island. We also had an amazing view of the smoldering La Soufriere. It was sureal to see clear blue skies with soft white clouds on one side then the eerie billowing grey plumes of ash obscuring the skies of the south side of the island. Our hike was a welcomed break and a gift of fresh air compared to breathing in the ash and fumes from where we lived on the southwest side of Soufriere. Our friend Joe made an amazing chicken stew and dumplings for lunch. He had prepared one of his own chickens that morning and carried it with the water, pot, and ingredients to cook over a fire while on our trek. A truly amazing and unforgettable experience!!!