6,259 ft / 1,907 m


720 ft / 219 m




21 summits

Top climbing months

August   33%

July   23%

September  19%

Most climbed route

Pt. 5700 / South Route

"We decided to take advantage of the great weather to get up to Melawka Lake and attempt Kaleetan Peak before the pending bugs and crowds that are inevitable with the mild winter turning into a warm spring. The trail up to Melawka Lake is almost totally snow free now, and it seems unlikely that any more snow will fall this year. By starting at 8:00 we were able to park in the main parking lot, which is a rare occurrence. No real trouble passing Denny Creek, and the falls are beautiful now as snow is melting rapidly. We had a few maps and trail reports to use as resources to find our way to the " - BryHong8, May 2, 2015
"We set out to ascend via the White Ledges after a failed attempt in July. Sadly, it had just snowed the day before, and much more than anticipated, making for beautiful scenery but an impossible ascent via this route. We decided to alter the plan and climb up the east gully, which proved to be extremely sketchy with only a few inches of snowfall. After a harrowing and creative scramble hugging snow-laden trees on tractionless and highly exposed ground, we finally exited the gully to meet the standard bootpath to the summit. It was a brilliantly clear day and the views were phenomenal. Our desc" - diana, Oct 17, 2012
"The trip reports that I have researched describe two routes from Melakwa lake to Kaleetan peak: one approaches from the south, following a trail up and over point 5700; the other follows the valley beyond upper Upper Melakwa Lake to Melakwa Pass. The faint bootpath here ends about 1200 feet below Kaleetan's east face. I wanted to explore both routes, and decided scrambling up the east face would be safer and easier than going down it. I took the trail on the west side of Melakwa Lake, then crossed over to the east side of Upper Melakwa Lake. Several paths come and go, but stay steady to the n" - Jeb, Sep 15, 2012
"Kaleetan Peak is a true WA classic, a bright feather in the cap of anyone's trapses through Washington's mountains. A 4.5 mile hike up over Hemlock Pass brings you 2200 vert ft up to classic alpine Lake Melakwa. From here, it's a haul and a very steep climber's path up the ridge. Views from the 5700 ft point on the ridge are worthy of an end destination themselves, but although the route to the top involves a few more hurdles, the views from the summit blow this away. A few snow patches to cross on the ridge and then a steep downclimb on snow and dirt brings you into the high basin of Kaleetan" - scott, Aug 14, 2011



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