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April   29%

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May   12%

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From Gorak Shep to Kala Pattar

"I had spent the day at EBC and then went for sunset on Kala Pattar because the morning had been very cloudy; I rushed up in an hour from Gorak Shep to the summit just in time for beautiful views." - ncst, Apr 6, 2012
"We left Lobuche very early on a cloudless morning. Arrived at Gorak Shep at 10.30, checked into our Lodge and had a snack, then as the weather was holding, we decided to go up Kala Pattar then, as the forecast was not too good for the next day. The last time I went up in 2003, we went up v early in the morning to avoid the clouds rolling in at midday. I felt ok on the ascent, just a slight breathlessness, s was fairly well acclimatised. The views on top were fabulous, with Pumori, Nuptse, Khumbutse and of course Mt Everst all very close and further down the Khumbu valley was Ama Dablam all loo" - davidlong, Oct 17, 2008


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