13,641 ft / 4,157 m


2,253 ft / 686 m


12 summits

Top climbing months

September  41%

July   25%

August   16%

Most climbed route

Voie normale

"This was after my 1999 Trip to the Bernease Oberland where John bailed on me at the last minute as he and his wife Maria were not getting on so well - he bails on me just after he and I sent them off to a flight, packed up our car (after 1 week in Chamonix already) and were off to Switzerland. Needless to say I am there completely alone and he says - "here buddy, take the car, I'll pay for it - I better salvage my marriage" as he ran off with his pack to a British Air flight to London - I had a long lonely drive ahead of me. This is rather typical of our friendship and climbing relationship." - markhadland, Jul 2, 1999



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