1,273 ft / 388 m

#1,217 in New Hampshire

#65,502 in United States


610 ft / 186 m

#101 in New Hampshire

#4,460 in United States


12 summits

#252 in New Hampshire

#2,239 in United States

Top climbing months

April   25%

October   16%

November   16%


  • Joe English was a Native American named Merrimacomet who was banished to New Hampshire by his tribe for befriending white people. The legend is that while he was hunting one morning a small band of Native Americans surprised him and chased him up the slope expecting him to fall to his death. He outraced them and they were the ones who died falling off the cliff on the hill named after him.
  • The Air Force used to practice bombing in the area near Joe English Reservation . Unexploded ordnance is still occasionally found. Satellite tracking is still carried on in the area. Large groups are denied access to the trail to Joe English Hill, but a small group is usually ignored.
1 summit • 1.9 mi • 423 ft gain • 1 hr 28 min