13,333 ft / 4,064 m


400 ft / 122 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

September  66%

June   33%

Most climbed route

East Face from Erin Lake

"Decided on this trip on a bit of a whim after reading about the Joe Devel-Pickering-Newcomb-Chamberlin-Guyot traverse in Secor. Had I crunched the number I would have realized that entails over 8000' of gain and 30+ miles depending on where you start, but I learn the hard way. Hike into Lower Rock Creek Crossing at 9600' the night before and started up at 4:30. I had read this was a talus slog but decided the SW rib looked solid. There are some slabs and gendarmes along the way but they are easily bypassed until around 12400'. At that point I committed to the South face and popped up about 7 f" - Christopher, Jun 8, 2013



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