1,129 ft / 344 m


534 ft / 163 m


13 summits

Top climbing months

June   23%

April   23%

January   15%

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Summit Trail


  • Jenny Jump Mountain's legend is a variation of the common myth of an Indian princess leaping to her death from a waterfall. In this version an Indian is chasing a girl named Jenny who leaps to her death from the mountain's summit. The legend doesn't specify which of the four Jenny Jump mountains it was.
"Bushwhacked to the summit area of Jenny Jump Mountain 2 with the afternoon group, starting at the Blue Blazes Spring Trail. The whack is short but super steep, and arduous with a group of leashed dogs due to all the blowdown for them to wrap around. We retraced our steps, then took the summit trail to Jenny Jump 1, which is a far more relaxing jaunt. " - wacbravo, Jan 11, 2019
"Not a terribly long walk from the parking area, I'd say only about .3 or .4 miles one way, and only a couple hundred feet elevation gain. Summited after finding the nearby Geocache, which is an old classic, placed in 2002. I did not take any photos. As a matter of fact, it was pouring rain at the time. " - Mr.Yuck, Jun 5, 2004



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