Shizuoka peaks

221 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Fuji

12,388 ft / 3,775 m

Most summited peak

Mount Fuji

76 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Fuji

12,388 ft / 3,776 m prom

Shizuoka summits

128 summits

First Ascent Awards

29 of 221 peaks 13%

Top climbing months

July 31%

August 22%

June 10%

Shizuoka mountains highlights

"This was the highlight of my trip to Japan and a goal of mine for years, since my dad lives in Japan. The previous afternoon we spent all day traveling to a town on the base of Fuji. I thought the train would never get there because how slow it was (compared to the Shinkansen). We made it to the town, spent the night, and at the crack of dawn waited for the bus to take us to the 5th Station. We began our hike in fog (or in the clouds really) but it eventually cleared up as we got higher up. Got my hiking stick stamp at each station. Unfortunately, due to time, we were unable to make it to the " - Mount Fuji, CamminatoreAFK, May 26, 2016
"Hard but not big deal...Fantastic the Fujinomiya Trail...Scenery and experience superb! Climbed in one day, no overnight: Machida city (Japan) - Summit 3776 - Machida city (8 hours)" - Mount Fuji, lucagalileo, Aug 26, 2015
"Left parking area on Subashiri route at 10 pm and mad the summit in time to see the sunrise. Slept a bit on the summit, bought some souvenirs and headed back down for some lunch." - Mount Fuji, TCH, Aug 26, 2015
"Started climbing from Hokkeji Temple and trail the route to Nihonzaka Pass about 35 minutes. After a brief rest I started to go eastward trail to the summit. There are some minor peaks before reaching the summit peak with radio reflectors. Trig point is about two minutes walk east from the reflectors. " - Mount Hanazawa, Taigaa001, Oct 25, 2014
"Although this was not the hardest peak I have climbed, it was not easy, with nearly a 5000-foot gain and over 4000 feet of the ascent occurring in the last 2 miles. There is nothing technically challenging about this climb, but the steep grade will test your conditioning. Since there is a well maintained trail the entire distance, this climb should be classified as Class 1, but the steepness in places over some sections of rocks in the path could raise the rating of this climb to hard Class 2 or even easy Class 3. One of the more challenging aspects of this climb is finding a way to the trailh" - Mount Fuji, Stewy, Sep 12, 2014

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