Hokkaido peaks

493 peaks

Highest peak


7,513 ft / 2,289 m

Most summited peak


12 summits

Most prominent peak


7,513 ft / 2,289 m prom

Hokkaido summits

60 summits

First Ascent Awards

35 of 493 peaks 7%

Top climbing months

July 21%

August 19%

September 16%

Hokkaido mountains highlights

"12th backcountry ski day in a row in Hokkaido on 4th trip, we only had until 2pm before driving to Sapporo airport. Paul and I bagged this one in a very cold wind and clouds descending minutes after reaching summit on skis. We skied off summit and descended to car park for an onsen in about 15 minutes. 2 hrs 18 min total." - Sandanyama, alexjoseph, Feb 7, 2018
"Ascended into the clouds. 10 others descended in the cloud and fog down the ridge. We pushed onto the summit. Decided to ski the backside in a nauseating zero visibility fog. Contoured back to gondola in a full whiteout. 6 hrs round trip." - Asahi-dake, alexjoseph, Feb 6, 2018
"Peak 4 on our four peak loop. The last section was full of fumaroles making it hard to breath. I was coughing a lot and the smoke left a bad taste in my mouth. This is a very active volcano" - Tokachi-dake, seancasserly, Aug 10, 2017
"Easy half day hike from top of ropeway. Fumaroles were very active. If I had more time, I would have liked to do a multi peak loop around the daisetsuzan group to avoid all the tourists" - Asahi-dake, seancasserly, Aug 9, 2017
"Incredible bluebird day (thanks to JM who believed the forecast was going to be better than suggested) with a 4km meandering approach including a scary ski crampon uptrack section and then crampon walk to the summit. Should have skiied the backside but not enough time. Warm and no wind on summit. This was the 3rd attempt on this guy, and first time from the north ridge." - Mount Furano, alexjoseph, Feb 10, 2017

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