5,810 ft / 1,770 m


65 ft / 19 m


10 summits

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March   30%

November   30%

January   10%

Most climbed route

Cuyamaca Peak Fire Road

"2nd peak of 2-peak traverse with Cuyamaca. ~1.5 miles w/825' gain on Burnt Pine Trail and peak access bushwack. 3.8 mile descent w/1,250' loss (and 300' gain) to Paso Picacho CG parking on Burnt Pine Tr and Cuyamaca Peak Fire Road." - BradStemm, Dec 16, 2013
"Walked down(?) to this summit from Cuyamaca Peak. Saw mountain lion tracks along the way, and enjoyed the last of the melting snow. Great hike, but some serious bushwhacking to get to the peak. It looks like the same summit register has been in place since 1979. How it survived the fires, I cannot guess." - benjineer, Mar 10, 2012
"Came here after the Cuyamaca summit. Crazy bushwhacking to get to the summit register, but it's there. Registries from 1979 and 1980? Wow! Not sure how that could have survived the fire." - Mark, Mar 10, 2012



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