4,512 ft / 1,375 m


1,272 ft / 388 m


4 summits

Top climbing months

March   50%

January   25%

February   25%

Most climbed route

East Slopes

"Hauled west after Picacho Peak to Dos Cabezas and started climbing from Montero Palms. Took the wrong side canyon from the start and spent the entire afternoon route finding my way to the summit. Thankfully this area of the Sonoran Desert is a little more forgiving with brush. Hit the car just before sunset. Complete TR: www.themtsarecalling.com/jacumba" - Christopher, Jan 7, 2017
"Still the toughest hike to date. Scratched up arms and legs, rattle snake, and a random swarm of bees at the top. Newbie with smooth-bottomed Nike Frees definitely struggled with all those boulders. But it was an experience that allowed me to hike more with boosted confidence." - Roselle, Mar 21, 2015



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