1,257 ft / 383 m

#2,796 in New York

#60,122 in United States


240 ft / 73 m

#374 in New York

#7,032 in United States


14 summits

#233 in New York

#1,372 in United States

Top climbing months

October   20%

July   13%

April   13%


  • Jackie Jones Mountain is in the Appalachian Mountains, as are other Southern NY mountains.
  • Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail (yellow-blazed) and the Fire Tower Road are the two main routes, which can make a loop hike.
  • The trail passes the ruins of ORAK, the old estate of the former KARO syrup owner.
  • Fire tower provides excellent views.
  • Jackie Jones may be the actual high point of Rockland County, since it is listed as only 3 feet lower than nearby Rockhouse Mountain.