6,397 ft / 1,950 m


6,397 ft / 1,950 m


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"We accessed Jabal Shar from the west by the main wadi that is south of the three main peaks. We drove our 4x4 to 400 meters. The main wadi rises to 1100 meters before it turns north. Our high camp was established at approximately at 1450 meters at the base of a large slab that runs into the two lower peaks. From that point we climbed the slab and accessed two high wadis that run respectively up to the two "Rhino Horns" that gave us access to another large slab of 200-250 meters of vertical gain which we climbed to a ridge that ran north into the main main peak. All of the climbing to the last " - raymondtimm, Mar 3, 2017


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