5.0 mi to summit

10.6 mi total


2,170 ft start

5,115 ft max


4,127 ft gain


5 hr 49 min to summit

10 hr 5 min total

Hike with Meenu and Mike, total time of 10 hrs 5 minutes and 11.22 miles. We stayed the night before in Lake Placid and it was so nice not to do the 2 am drive. We started the hike at 6 am from Adirondack Loj. The trail seemed to start going up right away for this one. It seemed to take a while to get to the junction to go to Wright. It took about 2 ½ hours to get from the trailhead to the summit of Wright and the view up there was amazing on this beautiful day. It was a warm one so we were definitely sweating, but the breeze felt so good at the top. There was a steward up there and he told us some interesting things and answered some questions. We ate some snacks and rested then headed back down to the junction and over to Algonquin. This was a tough but interesting climb. A few boulders to take on. The last part to the summit seemed to go on and on – it had looked so close from Wright! Another just fabulous view on this 2nd highest peak, and I was now oriented to where Colden and Marcy were so I could easily identify them. There was another steward up here and we asked about whether we wanted to do the longer loop trail or go to Iroquois and come back the same way, over Algonquin again. After hearing of a really steep 2 ½ mile descent and longer total time we decided the out and back. We headed over to Iroquois an almost missed the turn we had been warned about (to NOT follow the arrow), we got there in about 45 minutes. Another amazing view and we were the only ones over there at that time. We didn’t stay long to make up some time, and then started our journey back. The hike back up Algonquin was, as we kept referencing our friend John, quite frankly bullshit.  But we made it and sat for a bit at that summit for the second time. The wind had really picked up and it was a bit cold as we were sweaty and damp. We saw a really cool thing – a bird (crow/raven) just hanging there in the air held aloft by the wind. When we got too chilled we headed down to start the long descent back. It was a great feeling to think that we had pretty much all downhill left and we might get out of there at a decent time. It was still quite a hike and the descent was tricky in places. The last miles after we passed the junction to Wright seemed to take forever as we were tired and so ready to be back at the hotel for a shower and food. I ran my 15 minute trail run (started a bit too soon where the trail was not quite runnable) and got to a sign that said the Loj was 1 mile away. I rejoined Mike and Meenu and we trudged out as fast as we could, barely talking. Finally it was done and we hustled back to the hotel and got that incredible shower. And then had a fun dinner meet up with Dennis, Mark, Danielle and Chris. Such an amazing day. This is probably my favorite hike so far with the views of these three and the challenging but fun terrain.


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