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  • Iroquois Peak is 8th highest peak in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State, and is the southernmost peak of the MacIntyre Range, which also includes Wright Peak and Algonquin Peak.
  • Although the mountain does not have an officially maintained trail, a well maintained "herd path" leads to the summit from the northeast.
"Très belle journée avec Mélanie. Nous avons fais un bon 22km avec Wright, Algonquin, Bouandry et Iroquois. Le retour c'est fait par Avanche Pass. Beaucoup de glace pour monter. Les crampons furent nécessaire. Très boueux en descendant. " - fsoucy76, Nov 4, 2017
"Well I had to give this one a try or risk coming back over Algonquin again, lol. A lot of people consider this easy, but it's tricky in a few places and the path is very narrow in others. Also, you have to climb back up Algonquin when you're done 😩" - MarkEarle67, Aug 14, 2017
"Got a 622am start time. Heading to the Macintyre Range today. Hiking by myself and the trails were empty. The peace and quiet and serenity is amazing! After what seemed like a crazy long climb I finally reached the summit of Algonquin at 934am. I was the only person there. Only stayed for a few minutes and took some pictures and headed over to Iroquois. I reached that summit after a short but strenuous hike at 1014am. It was warm with mild wind. Some clouds but still had visibility. Took some pictures and then headed back towards Algonquin. There was rain in the forecast and I could see it com" - tscha1, Jul 25, 2016
"Solo hike, my 14th 46er, and third peak of the day. The trail was easy to follow and I got to the summit in short order after leaving Algonquin & coming over Boundary. The cairn at the summit with the rock leaned up against it as a sort of chair was very enjoyable. :-) I had fantastic views of the surrounding peaks and spent awhile taking photos and having a beer and finishing off the rest of the food in my pack. I decided to take the trail down to Avalanche Lake rather than going back over Algonquin and out the way I came. This was a terrible decision. No one had used the trail in quite awhil" - kellieirene, Apr 13, 2016
"Went the wrong way on the way over from Algonquin thanks to a sign made confusing by graffiti (see photo.) Realized my mistake only about 1/4 mile down the trail to Lake Colden, but still was a pain. Thanks for that. Very much enjoyed this peak, mostly due to similar views as Algonquin but far fewer people (and no one smoking at the summit.) " - cbp5800, Aug 29, 2015



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