5,755 ft / 1,754 m


1,075 ft / 327 m


6 summits

Top climbing months

January   50%

February   16%

March   16%

Most climbed route

West Ridge

"Sierra Club hike, 1st of 2-peak hike to Iron Spring and Beauty Peak(5,548'). TH:4,480' on Tule Peak Rd; 3.6 miles 1-way w/1,675' of elevation gain to summit from TH. Class 1, trail was well ducked but overgrown, very brushy." - BradStemm, Jan 30, 2016
"With rain clouds moving in, and a good portion of the hike in washes AND my car parked on a sloppy, sandy road, I hightailed it off Beauty and over to Iron Spring in under an hour. Just when I hit the last false summit, the rain began and once I topped out, it had become a steady drizzle, and there was no hangin out. Signed in the register and ran off, with the rain stopping by the time I hit the dam, 30 minutes later. Also, I found a tick on my jacket." - Christopher, Jan 26, 2014



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