5,755 ft / 1,754 m


1,075 ft / 328 m


7 summits

Top climbing months

January   42%

March   28%

February   14%

Most climbed route

West Ridge

"Can't recommend this grim little hill, and I question it's inclusion on a list. But if you absolutely have to do it, know this... - Get a gpx to find the trailhead on this dirt road. And it's an overgrown use trail that's occasionally difficult to track, especially on the descent. There's an abundance of ducks, but not where the path is most confounding. - Wear long sleeves and pants for the overgrowth. - Nearby Beauty Peak is typically paired with Iron Springs, which is also HPS. I didn't bother. You'll follow a rocky gully for the bulk of the trail before the junction at Iron Spring " - JustinB, Mar 31, 2018
"Sierra Club hike, 1st of 2-peak hike to Iron Spring and Beauty Peak(5,548'). TH:4,480' on Tule Peak Rd; 3.6 miles 1-way w/1,675' of elevation gain to summit from TH. Class 1, trail was well ducked but overgrown, very brushy." - BradStemm, Jan 30, 2016
"With rain clouds moving in, and a good portion of the hike in washes AND my car parked on a sloppy, sandy road, I hightailed it off Beauty and over to Iron Spring in under an hour. Just when I hit the last false summit, the rain began and once I topped out, it had become a steady drizzle, and there was no hangin out. Signed in the register and ran off, with the rain stopping by the time I hit the dam, 30 minutes later. Also, I found a tick on my jacket." - Christopher, Jan 26, 2014



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