Wicklow peaks

182 peaks

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3,034 ft / 925 m

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23 summits

Most prominent peak


2,785 ft / 849 m prom

Wicklow summits

172 summits

First Ascent Awards

58 of 182 peaks 31%

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April 23%

June 12%

May 10%

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Wicklow Mountains

Wicklow mountains highlights

"The wife and I spent a week in Ireland enjoying the cities of Dublin and Galway. Despite this trip being more of a tourist vacay we still got in some trail walking. Took the DART out of Dublin down to Bray to do the coastal walk to Greystones. We missed some of the walk by staying up high visiting the large cross at the northern end and the summit at the southern end. Instead of bench marks they have concrete trigonometry markers on top. We whacked back down to the lower trail to head into Greystones with all the other weekend strollers. Popped into the Beach House for some chowder and beer/ha" - Bray Head, Nimblefoot, Nov 18, 2017
"Intention was to climb Lugnaquilla but weather (low cloud, force 5 winds) resulted in us heading up Benleigh and then back into the valley north of Beneligh after very slow progress through the bog between Benleigh and Camenabologue." - Benleigh, donal, Apr 28, 2013
"My friends and I were on a weekend trip to Ireland and decided to visit Wicklow Mountains National Park. On our way through Wicklow Gap we decided to stop at what appeared to be a very large incline. After about and hour and half of climbing we reached the summit of the mountain we later learned to be called Camaderry... wow." - Camaderry, bradakinnan, May 26, 2012

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