11,742 ft / 3,579 m


358 ft / 109 m


10 summits

Top climbing months

August   27%

September  27%

April   18%

Most climbed route

Robinson Lake Trail

"A short day after climbing University the day before. Talus and sand up the West Face to the notch where there was good solid rock. View are limited from the top - can't see over the Sierra Crest. Nice, gentle class 3." - klotito, Aug 7, 2017
"Day 2 of Eastern Sierra backcountry ski trip. A classic 2,500' vert ski line down an aesthetic gully. Made it to the top of the Main Gully but had to call it before the short summit scramble... the altitude was crushing me (for the 2nd day in a row). After snapping a few photos I bailed... the top 2/3 was a bullet-proof ski down. Snow in the ES still wasn't primed, even at this lower sub-12K elevation. Most notable of this outing were the casualties on the descent. 1) Phil got concussed show-boating off an air at the very bottom of the run and 2) Josh tore his bicep tendon scrambling up the su" - scott, Apr 21, 2011



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