12,087 ft / 3,684 m


5,267 ft / 1,605 m


7 summits

Top climbing months

July   69%

September  23%

May   7%

Most climbed route

Granite Canyon

"The drive to roads end was an adventure in itself. We headed up the surprisingly good trail. It was much more green than expected. The thunder storms stayed to our west and we had great weather. With Asaka, Daryn, Kathy, Guillermo, Greg and Keith." - seancasserly, Jul 13, 2017
"Remote approach. Misunderstood directions - missed 2nd creek crossing. Bushwhacked for quite a ways until stumbled onto trail again. Saw 3 blue grouse. Fun scrambling around subpeak. Did one side on way up - other side on way down. Wouldn't want to twist an ankle up here. Cool, remote peak. " - louhibbard, Sep 9, 2011



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