14,010 ft / 4,270 m


1,423 ft / 434 m


80 summits

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July   34%

August   19%

September  17%


  • Huron Peak is a Colorado 14er in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness in central Sawatch Range.
  • It lies west of the Mount Belford group.
  • While relatively close to its neighbor peaks, it is separated from them by deep cols, resulting in a moderately high prominence.
  • Nearby to the south are the Three Apostles, a striking group of three 13,000 foot peaks.
  • The shortest and most popular route is Class 2 from the South Winfield Trailhead.
"Our first 14er on this years trip to Colorado. We did a couple of easier hikes to adjust to the local conditions of heat /dryness and remind us to slow our hiking pace. Nice hike on a beautiful day allowing for exceptional views. The 2 mile road walk from the 2wd parking to 4wd TH was a nice wam up with temps around 40* in the am. Fortunately two guys in a pickup gave us a ride back our car in the afternoon saving us the road walk in the heat." - Nimblefoot, Jul 9, 2017
"Did this climb with hiking group I met online. There were 8 of us in total. It was pretty close to still being winter conditions in many spots, except for the fact that it was so hot! Got one of the worst sun burns I have ever had from a climb even though I was using sun screen like crazy. There was nasty postholing below treeline. Many people in the group were very inexperienced so I got the opportunity to teach them a bunch of things. All in all a great climb! " - IanWright, May 28, 2016
"Hiked it from near the lower TH, round trip length was about 10 miles. I got a late start, but luckily the weather held out. A lone mtn goat passed by me near the summit and kept watch over the valley below." - WaxDr, Aug 7, 2015
"Clear day to the top. Made it up the 4WD with my 2WD Nissan Xterra. Brother Chris joined me. We camped at trail head above parking lot. Black flies and mosquitoes were pretty bad. This is one of the most beautiful trails I've hiked. The approach through tree line was beautiful lodgepole pine. This year's rains were good so we had abundance of wild flowers up on the mountain. Upon breaking tree line we came into a nice bowl with a pool of snow melt and stream. Flowers were so fragrant it hits you like a happy dream. " - bill4reel, Jul 21, 2014
"Our first 14er climb of the season. This was an 8 mile hike with 4140 feet of elevation gain. We had heavy winds, a wicked snowy blizzard, a snow field of postholing, and wet and muddy trails. But we saw marmots, ptarmigans, pikas, chipmunks, squirrels, and a field mouse! Of course, I can't forget to mention the amazing views!" - micmerritt, Jun 14, 2014



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