12,633 ft / 3,850 m


6,039 ft / 1,840 m


127 summits

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June   20%

July   18%

September  12%

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Humphreys Peak Trail


  • Humphreys Peak is the highest peak in Arizona.
  • It is the highest of a group of extinct volcanic peaks known as the San Francisco Peaks.
  • The summit can be most easily reached by hiking the 4.8 mile Humphreys Trail that begins at the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort in the Coconino National Forest.
  • The last 1 mile of the trail traverses the only region of tundra in Arizona, at over 11,500 feet.
  • On a clear day you can see views of the Grand Canyon to the north.
"My first peak out west. It was so close to Flagstaff, why not? And it is a high point too. Not that I am working on that, but why not? Started around 9100 feet. Trail not difficult. Pockets of snow at higher elevation, but no issues. The summit was gusty. Happy I had my poles to help keep me upright. Had a light headache most of the time above 11,000 feet. After I got back to my car, I was nauseous for the rest of the day. Went back to the hostel to sleep it off. " - newenglandwarrior, Jun 11, 2017
"Left Phoenix at 4 am to climb Humphreys. With only 2 days in Arizona we decided to hit the Arizona high point and do a Grand Canyon day hike down South Kaibab and back up Bright Angel. Left the Snow Bowl trail at 8:00 and enjoyed the nice and easy approach up to the saddle. Being the low-elevation Washingtonians, we felt the elevation, but maintained a good pace up past the saddle, and through the false summits up to the top. Really well-marked trail, and easy to follow. As forecast, there were some pretty strong wind gusts that kept it cool. Layers were good to have and we didn't f" - BryHong8, Oct 29, 2016
"Late start (10:00 am). Some clouds looked threatening but the high winds up there helped clearing out the ridges. Beautiful weather overall. Thank you Chase for tagging along." - Gabsolute, Aug 8, 2016
"I started early at 4:40 am and used a flashlight for a little. The hike went well and the views began to get better as the trees thinned out. I made it to the summit and was alone there for around 20 minutes. The winds were pretty violent, making it hard to stay in the wind for long. I stayed low behind the wall, got up a little to film and take pictures, and basically just relaxed. The views were great and other than the wind it was a really enjoyable hike. I had to fight the wind for about half a mile on the way down, but once I got a bit lower it was much calmer. I made it down as fa" - ZachTeich, Jul 11, 2016
"My 19 year daughter recently moved to California to share in an adventure in living, with her other 2 sisters. I have 4 daughters and she is the only one that is interested in peakbagging. Last year my son Garret & I hiked Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in California and the lower 49 states. We had been talking about hiking Arizona’s highest Peak, Humphreys Peak, elevation 12,633 since last year. I have an interest in hiking a few western state high points. He had a new son, was moving into a new house, didn’t have much time to take off and didn’t really care to do Arizona’s highest peak, so I" - Phil-Robinson, Jul 8, 2016



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