9,040 ft / 2,755 m


943 ft / 287 m


5 summits

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February   40%

May   40%

October   20%

"Started at the Lady Bug Trailhead on the South Fork of the Kaweah River. Left the trail at Squaw Creek and headed cross country until finding an abandoned trail. Left the abandoned trail and headed directly up the ridge via grassy slopes. Followed the grassy ridgeline to a point at about 5,800 ft. From here we reconnected with the abandoned trail and followed it to Surprise Camp with some minor bushwhacking. From Surprise Camp we paralleled Bennett Creek “through the duff”, finding and losing the old trail many times, until reaching the ridgeline. A mile and 1,300 ft later we reached the flat" - seancasserly, May 19, 2018
"Hike along the ridge -- more brush then expected and a small fire to boot. The lower peak indeed is the real nose (and has a register stating as such) which the upper one is called "Homers Brow"" - tombecht, Oct 11, 2015



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