6,716 ft / 2,047 m


3,196 ft / 974 m


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March   36%

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February   9%

"I hiked Hines and Topatopa from Sisar Canyon. At 21 mi / 6000 ft, this is a long outing with a healthy amount of elevation gain. It's really not too bad though, since the vast majority of the mileage is on very good road and trail. With the exception of the steep, class 2 ascent up the ridge to the summit and the drop off Topatopa back to the road, the miles go by pretty quick. This was a perfect early spring day; clear and cool with a consistent breeze; the canyon trail was mostly shaded and the creek was flowing strongly alongside. Past the trail camp, the route climbs steeply up to the " - klotito, Mar 19, 2017
"A February attempt at Hines was unsuccessful due to ice near the top, so today's summit was particularly sweet. Perfect conditions, nice and cool. We started at the Sisar Canyon Road trailhead, headed up and over to Hines. On the return, we hit nearby "Creampuff Peak" (6486' on the topo, super-fun), and then crossed over Topatopa Bluff. Stats for the day: 22.5 miles and 5965 feet of gain. The knife-edge ridge to Hines is nervous-making, but that section is really quite short. There's some fun rock scrambling to get to the first (false) summit, then an easy short crossover to the true summit" - HikerMark, Apr 30, 2016
"I did a great 4 day loop from Middle Lion camp. I headed up Lion canyon and met the Red Reef trail. I climbed Hines peak before dropping down to the Ladybug camp.The rocks just east of the summit have the best view. After Ladybug camp I headed down Red Reef and I spent the next few days checking out Willett and Sespe hot springs!" - DerekJayRichardson, Nov 25, 2015



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