6,240 ft / 1,902 m


200 ft / 61 m


62 summits

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May   17%

October   15%

April   14%

Most climbed route

Rainbow Springs

"Led a group up to Hidden Peak via the standard route up Black Velvet Canyon. From the top, I took some of the group down the back way through The Park to Rainbow Springs, while the rest descended the same way they took up & drove to Rainbow Springs to meet us. " - Kevin, Sep 24, 2016
"Another solo success. I parked at Mt Springs pass and hiked to Mt Springs peak and then on to Hidden Peak and looked down on Little Zion for the 1st time but didn't have time to descend & explore it. It was really windy and cold on the limestone ridge route but the area I hiked to summit of Hidden peak wasn't. Killer strenuous route of 8.5 miles & 2,500' gain. " - paula.raimondi, May 3, 2016
"Trail hike (via Mountain Springs Peak) with small(er) group of 10 hikers. Overcast with a pleasantly cool breeze. Incredible views of neighboring peaks along the ridge line as well as from the peak. 8.25 miles round trip." - Twinkles, May 5, 2013
"The hike I met Lisa Tennessee on. The first and only time I heard her drop the F-bomb. Also met Kerri, Janice, and Paul this day. Eric nearly broke his toe an hour before meetup, but decided not to cancel. And it was exploratory. Josef waited for us patiently while dragging on a fag. Classic day all around! (The peak is called 'Hidden' cuz it doesn't actually exist, just so you know.)" - poncho, Oct 18, 2012
"Took a great route up the north fork of Black Velvet Canyon to Veterans Peak, then climbed up to Monument Peak, then rappelled down a 50 foot wall before heading up to Hidden Peak. It was a great day, but the wind was ridiculously harsh." - Kevin, May 26, 2012



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