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"Trip report from 12-year old Terrence from WTA: Hi, we are the '' Mountain Goats" and today we climbed Hibox Peak. At the beginning of the hike you start on the Rachel lake trail and it is pretty flat. Soon you get into Box Canyon and you can see where Hibox peak is, up on the ridge to your right. After 2.3 miles you leave the Rachel Lake trail and head up the Hibox peak trail. The trail is SUPER steep and is never flat, but the views just keep getting better. Almost all of the elevation gain of this hike is after you reach the Rachel Lake trail. The weather became cloudy and the views we" - BryHong8, Sep 8, 2018
"I was looking for a shorter hike close to home, and have had Hibox mountain in my sights for a while now. I have heard that access to the trailhead becomes difficult in early winter so now is a good time to get in before the snow stops you. I read several reports of people bringing dogs with them to the summit, so I loaded up my canine mountaineers and headed over the pass. We left the Rachel Lake Trailhead at 7:45 and easily found the boot path after an opening with a clear view of the summit. As expected the bottom half of the route is filled with blowdowns and bushwhacking. Patches of s" - Jeb, Oct 16, 2013
"A big climb to a rewarding alpine scramble with some of the best views in the region. Hibox towers over the eastern edge of Box Canyon and dominates the area. When you first see its rock pinnacle from the canyon floor it seems absurdly high above. With a bit more beta than 2 weeks ago (an aborted attempt after getting soaked in a maze of brush), I found the Hibox climber's path off the main trail with ease (300 ft AFTER the 2nd major clearing on the Rachel Lake Trail). It's steep, crude but never too hard to follow. In the upper slopes a few cairns help keep you on course. When you fin" - scott, Sep 23, 2012



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