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2,335 ft / 712 m


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July   23%

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August   14%

"Day 2 of a short break in the Lake District. Started from Thirlmere on a v hot morning, on the steep path up Helvellyn Gill. The footpath has been "domesticated" with steps in places and is a straightforward but steep ascent. At 840m we passed Brown Cove Crags and then up past Lower Man at 925m. From here it is a short pull up to the summit ridge. For such a hot sunny day, there were surprisingly few people on the summit. We had a good look around the extensive summit ridge and watched others coming up Striding Edge and Swirral Edge whilst we had lunch perched above the steep drop to Red Tarn." - davidlong, Jun 25, 2018
"From Patterdale again. Almost the same weather as last time. Foggy, wet, drizzle, windy, and very slippy. Striding Edge was very busy and we had to queue in places. Sadly, someone fell off the ridge and died. We were following mountain rescue across the ridge before ascending to the summit. We also passed two mountain bikers who later came off and injured themselves requiring mountain rescue. The cloud lifted for a moment on Swirral Edge as we descended giving us some nice views. A day saddened by tragedy. " - NorthernWayfarer, Aug 27, 2017
"Left Patterdale at 8:40am and ascended into the cloud. Conditions were foggy in cloud, wet with mist and occasional shower, and high winds. Ascended via Striding Edge arriving at the summit about 11:40am where we stopped for lunch before heading towards Swirral Edge." - NorthernWayfarer, Jun 22, 2017
"From Glenridding, we went up to Birkhouse Moor, along by the "hole in the wall", then up striding edge onto the summit. It was a fine day in the valley, but cloud was down on striding edge and the summit. We went down swirral edge and the others made a detour up Catsycam, whilst I carried the sacks down to Red Tarn. We returned down Red Tarn beck and Glenridding beck back to the village" - davidlong, May 20, 2010
"From Glenridding village we walked up to Birkhouse Moor, then by the "hole in the wall", we crossed east of Red Tarn and up steeply onto Catstye Cam. We then went up Swirral Edge to Helvellyn. Here we went south to Nethermost Pike and Dollywagon Pike, enjoying good views all of the way. We then retraced our steps back along the ridge, passing slightly under the summit of Helvellyn and went north over Lower Man, Whiteside Bank and on to Raise. Here we descended down to Sticks Pass and returned down the broad path to Glenridding." - davidlong, Jun 10, 2009



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