Literally every unnamed little peak in the Cave Butte recreation area I had yet to climb was fenced off and in various stages of construction with no trespassing signs. So I settled on bagging this one.


that's a bummer. do you think we should remove these peaks? another option would be to just add notes about summits being inaccessible to each peak's Highlights


Yeah it’s too bad. Probably why they’re all unnamed. I hate to delete them since access can always change, but it does limit the completion radius part of peakery.


thinking peakery needs a private summit/inaccessible data field for each peak. then these would be excluded from Completion Radius. will add to our list.


I agree. There should be a colour for private peaks and another colour for public ones. Such as on Dartmoor people might think all of the tors are accessible - they're not. You can visit private ones by contacting the landowner but if you don't know the access then people might just turn up then leave disappointed and we don't want unnecessary trespassing!