8,330 ft / 2,539 m


212 ft / 65 m


13 summits

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April   23%

February   23%

September  15%

"Bluebird day in the San Bernardinos. Snowshoed up the old 4WD rode and traversed over to the summit. Came down via the N ridge which was steeper than I expected but still manageable. Lots of powder. Hard to believe this is still SoCal." - edg, Dec 9, 2018
"Heart Bar Peak is a fairly easy hike on its own with about a 5.4 mile r/t and 1100' gain, but since Peak 8868' was nearby, my friend Brett and I decided to combine them, making a 6.9 mile r/t hike with 1800' gain, with the road leading up to 8868 being very steep in spots. Getting to Heart Bar was simply following 1N38 up from Hwy 38 as 1N38 does switchbacks up the western flank of 8868. Then it reaches a saddle between 8868 and Heart Bar, where a marked use trail heads west along the north slope just under Heart Bar's ridge top with a seriously gentle grade bypassing a few false summits enr" - brianpowell, Sep 9, 2018
"With this being my second time on FR 1N38, the route to the top of Heart Bar Peak seemed a little more obvious. I again followed HPS directions where I climbed the road to the saddle. This time at the saddle, I noticed orange tape dangling from the bushes. The tape signifies the entry way onto the overgrown forest road leading to the summit. Once passing through the bushes, the old roadway widens while passing two false summits and onto the eventual peak. A dead tree is lying on top of the boulders at the top. On one of the boulders is the a red coffee can housing the summit register, w" - Peak-Conquistador, Sep 8, 2018



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