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"Hiked Heald and Nicolls from Brooks Rd. I rode the mountain bike from my parking spot on Brooks Rd. to the end of the dirt road. From there is was steep up the slope to the saddle, the rugged cross-country to Heald. Lots of good scrambling up the cliffs to Heald and a surprising amount of poodle dog bush, which I had never seen in the Sierra. I wonder if hikers are responsible for transporting the plant from down south. Hiked back to the saddle, tagged Nicolls, then rode the bike back to the car for a good meal and rest in Wofford Heights." - klotito, Jan 21, 2018
"This was the first of a two peaks (Heald & Nicolls) day hike. With the company of other four hikers, I began the climb at the end of Last Chance Rd (35°36.963'N 118°18.779'W ), at about 7:20 am. I reached the saddle, which is the lowest point between the two peaks, about 8:15 am. After resting for a bit, I continued to what was going to be the most difficult but fun part of the trail. Although the route is marked by ducks, you can easily loose the trail do to the heavy brush and the class 2 rocks. By 11:00 am, we all were enjoying lunch at the summit." - greenrocktrekkin, Oct 31, 2015
"Climbed this after Nicolls Peak. With the below freezing temperatures and strong wind it was quite a cold climb. Could not find a register at the top. Which was surprising due to the amazingly glorious maintained use trail to the top. If you don't find the trail at the ridge I imagine climbing this peak would be quite the undertaking due to brush." - Irrationalist, Dec 6, 2013



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