7,106 ft / 2,166 m


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Big Boulder Creek Trail

"I hiked solo to the summit of Hawkins Mountain, also hitting smaller peaks NW and S of the main peak. I went by the Camp Creek Road / Trail (305 on USGS map), where I found a lot of Serpentine rocks. These are dark green ocean-floor rocks with distinctive white serpentine lines. The trail becomes unreliable above 5600 ft, but bushwhacking and navigating by sight is reasonably easy. The view at the top of Mt Stuart and the surrounding landscape is fabulous. 3840 ft gain, 11 miles, 8:30 hours." - markgarrett, Aug 24, 2016
"Last year I failed to reach the summit of Hawkins Mountain during my annual family camping trip to the Cle Elum river. I took a non-traditional route in order to first visit Huckleberry Mountain. From the end of the old for road I ascended to the top of the ridge with 2 dogs in tow. We quickly got cliffed out, then ran out of water. This year I used Big Boulder Creek Trail #1392 from the trailhead at the end of Forest Road 128. I started down the trail with Automahn at dawn. I fought the urge to leave the trail earlier than planned at a few overgrown jeep trails before the first junction at" - Jeb, Aug 11, 2013



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