6,751 ft / 2,058 m


291 ft / 89 m


7 summits

Top climbing months

July   28%

September  28%

May   14%

Most climbed route

West ridge

"Part of a 5 peak day-hike that hit all the HPS peaks in the area. This was probably the most enjoyable - a straightforward steep climb up the slopes to the summit. Good views of the Shays and Ingham Peak." - klotito, Oct 2, 2016
"I hiked via HPS route 1. I didn't really find a good route from the old ranch up to the ridge, but the terrain was manageable. On the ridge, I spotted the ducked route up (not that you really need it at that point). On the descent, I was able to follow a ducked route pretty much all the way down. A side note: I could have timed the hike better. I started at 7:30am, which meant that the steep ascent was directly eastward into the blinding morning sun." - HikerMark, Jul 1, 2016



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