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6 peaks (Mummy, Lee, Mt Charleston #61, South Mt Charleston H.P., Griffith & Harris) 23 miles, 8,400’ gain (the most vert. gain I’ve ever done in one workout), 14 hours. Very epic day in the mountains for me. My plan was my own version of a multi peak hike in the Spring Mtns. I woke a bit late so I was discouraged at the start but I kept moving forward and accumulated what I could. I got my 10th new ascent route to Mt Charleston. I traversed the entire North Ridge from Mummy (for the 1st time. Very sketchy in spots) I ascended Lee Peak from the ridge for the 1st time and went farther on South ridge than I’ve ever been before bagging So. Mt Charleston H.P. for my 2nd time. The sun was sinking in the sky when I arrived at Griffith but I wanted to include Harris (because I’m never doing this again) so I raced the shadows...but lost! The traverse from Griffith to Harris is a complete nightmare Barkley’s experience choked with debris, downed trees and is impossible to move quickly through. The old trail is destroyed and impossible to follow. I summited Harris with a big moon rising but darkness fell and I had to descend the rough Harris ridge in the dark from memory as my beam of light barely helped me. I was followed by a group of glowing eyes to add to the drama. Probably squirrels but my imagination thinks chupracabra. Very special day owning the mountain. I have very strange experiences when I pass some men on the trail. 2 times today guys tried to chase me down (with no success) and left their group to do it! Crazy!

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