10,023 ft / 3,055 m


10,023 ft / 3,055 m


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Auto Road


  • Haleakalā is the highest point in Haleakalā National Park
"This was the highlight of this year's Hawaii trip! We drove to the summit, but then we backpacked down into the crater, which is unworldly! Weather was kinda crappy the whole time we were there, but that brought out the colors more. What an amazing place!" - Kevin, May 31, 2016
"A friend of mine introduced me to this absurd challenge. The Sea-to-Summit bike route climbs 10,000 vertical feet in 36 miles from the north shore of Maui to the summit of Haleakala. The longest paved climb in the world! As a novice cyclist, such a thing seemed completely out of reach. But when I mentioned it to my wife, she said “You should just do it.” Easy for her to say right? But the challenge was on. To prepare, I emailed some bikesexual friends for advice and logged a couple of short rides back home… but make no mistake, I was coming in cold. According to strava, my biggest hi" - scott, Nov 4, 2014
"1st time up Haleakala for a sunrise. Amazing experience! I didn't feel like adding this to my peak bagging list, but I have seen other people do it, so yes I was on the top. I definitely plan to do it as a real hike soon!" - nandorszotak, Sep 30, 2013
"Not a difficult summit to get to. It's a drive up. Great sunrise. I spent the day hiking around in the crater. Very interesting place. Quite a variety of landscape in such a small area." - MangyMarmot, Aug 4, 2012
"one of my favorite volcano experiences, i been lucky enough to hike this several times from all the various sides my favorite being the kaupo gap up the easiest being down sliding sands." - kiwi, Feb 14, 2011



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