10,774 ft / 3,284 m


2 summits

Top climbing months

August   50%

September  50%

Most climbed route

Hahn Peak Trail

"Highly recommended - this short but incredible peak makes up for its meager elevation with rough exposure and beautiful views. My summit was a sunrise summit (i was at the summit by 4:30 and watched the sun rise from there), which was very rewarding but incredibly cold. There is a shelter at the top but you must climb in a window, there are rusty nails on the ground, and you are still very cold. Keep in mind, i was up there before the sun was. " - Colorado14Queen, Aug 4, 2015
"We were visiting the Steamboat Springs area and decided to go check it out. It's awesome on the way, but the approach and summit are largely a scree pile at this point in the weathering process. At the summit is an old fire tower, decommissioned in the 50s due to being repeatedly hit by lightning. The structure remains reasonably intact, but entry is prohibited. One has only to look around a bit to see evidence of numerous slides that have occurred. Incredible views, especially nice late in the day." - bethangermeier, Sep 3, 2014


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