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241 summits

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May   17%

July   15%

June   13%

"Corbin and I decided to hit up another mountain after the Baldy Traverse, we had banked on the trip potentially taking 8 hours and it barely took 4. So we decided to beat our past record of three summits in one day and aim to summit four. It was super super busy haha, obviously a very popular hike and an easy one. Took us 2 and a half hours with a 40 minute nap on the summit cutting into that time. " - TBird, Aug 20, 2016
"Wouldn't normally go, except that this was an off day. Saw three mountain goats, which is rare, but awesome. Busy with lots of people. Very little wind at the top and great weather made this a good ascent." - leigh-annewebster, Jul 2, 2016
"Evening trip up, while the sun was setting and down in the dark. Microspikes good for going down. Ice the whole way except the top. Really bad at the bottom till the firs switchback. Slow coming down in the dark I hugged a few trees." - Randy, Mar 8, 2016
"After bagging Mount Lady MacDonald in the morning, four members of the University of Alberta Outdoors Club attempted Ha Ling Peak (with three succeeding) despite scorching early season heat. " - Steven-Noel, May 23, 2015
"Awesome climb, a little icy with the snow left in the forest section. Snowstorm rolled in just as we got past the tree line but quickly went away so we could get an awesome view at the peak!" - trek29, May 2, 2015



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