10,351 ft / 3,155 m


8 summits

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August   45%

July   27%

April   18%

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"First day, started at 5.30 PM from Buper Tahura Pacet, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia. than move to Sanggar. Sanggar is the water tank, so you don't worry about water. Than we arrive to pengilen (the last water resource) 06.00 PM. from pengilen-ungup-ungup-puthuk pulosari-banggul adem, hard track no water source. At banggul adem 01.00 AM in here there small water source but little bit hard to put it. from Banggul Adem to the top (welirang) about 3-4 Hour, Banggul adem-Shelter-Sabrangan-Watu Lintang-Top" - xwalarea, Apr 18, 2015


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