6,843 ft / 2,086 m


21 summits

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September  22%

May   13%

December   9%

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"Hiked up the muddy and closed trail, after walking up the last 1 km of the road from the lower parking lot, due to the crazy holiday traffic. The trail is pretty slick in places and from all the rain recently, I can see why the trail was closed. Was surprised to find a telecom tower at the top and unfortunately the clouds and rain meant zero visibility. Got into some trouble at the end with the security guard who I had to apologize to several times." - srphilip, Apr 4, 2015
"Tangkubanperahu is located on the center of West Java. We can see almost all mountains in West Java from here, e.g: Ciremai, Manglayang, Cikuray, Guntur, Patuha, etc. I think Tangkubanperahu is one of the best spot to hunting sunrise. I got a golden sunrise moment this time, with all of that mountain as the background. " - sigitaji, May 10, 2014


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